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Black levels

Will black levels ever be fixed within the main game?

As they are now they really detract from the immersion when blacks are completely washed out within dark scenes and all detail in the image is lost in a thick grey mess. My display is set up perfectly and the issue only occurs in specific areas on the main game, most notably within the chapter Downtown. When you load up Left Behind the issues disappear completely and correct contrast levels are shown, the DLC looks substantially better and in turn in much more enjoyable to play.

Please could we get some word on if this will be fixed as I have yet to play through the game because of it. I really want to enjoy this title yet it has sat untouched for years because of the awful contrast levels.

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    Yep I wonder how this would pass quality control. I have a 930E and HDR is unbearable to play. SDR is not much better. On top of that the jaggies are horrible, I would say worse then the PS3 version.

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