Have you found a bug or issue with The Last of Us Remastered?

I found a little graphics glitch (and I have a request to enhance Singleplayer)

Hi dear programmers,
I love all your games (Uncharted series and Last of Us), they are so much fun, and always so flawless and PERFECT programmed and made with so much love to detail and attention. I can only say it`s "Witcher 3 quality" and kudos to you all!
But I could still find a graphics glitch, it`s relatively at the beginning of the game when entering the docks.
The hands of this enemy guy are floating some inches away from his arms, screenshot:


If you could please fix this graphics glitch, The Last of Us Remastered would be flawless glitch-free absolute PERFECTION, a masterpiece of art.

Oh and my request..... what do you think of the idea of implementing some of these beautyful multiplayer weapons to singleplayer? Not all to keep the balancing, but for example the crossbow to give some "The Walking Dead" feeling, and an automatic pistol? I have never played any game in multiplayer (and I never will because I am no online competitive gamer) but I would love to see some of these awesome beautyful DLC`s which are unfortunately multiplayer only, in the Singleplayer campain :)

Cheers and have a beautyful weekend!

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