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in o'sullivan's irish pub, joel becomes uncontrollable.

moving the right stick (to left or right) results in joel doing 180 turn. stopping and restarting the game does not help. trying to defeat the hunters in the pub is hard enough, but trying to outrun the truck after exiting the pub is near impossible. if you can manage to escape to the bridge, after the river cut-scene, everything is back to normal.

PS4 (can not find model number. is that normal?)
game installed from disk
installed in December, 2016
free space = 202.3 GB

I have reported many bugs when the game suddenly stops and goes to the error screen. however, this is the first bug i have reported on that does not stop the game.

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    i should say that ps4 and game were purchased NEW at the same time (Dec 2016) and this game was one of the first i installed. this bug did not show up until after 5 or 6 months. the bug does not always happen, but recently, it happens more and more (like maybe 8 times out of 10). And it ONLY happens in o'sullivan's irish pub.

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