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Walking with Joel

I haven't played this game till I just bought it digitally today. Downloaded fine but walking with anyone seems like they are stuttering. Like they are hitting an invisible wall so they have to restart walking and it happens over and over again. I can only run when I'm combat. I have heard that Joel is usually jogging but with this problem all I can get him to do is slow walk. Like SUPER slow walk. And only if I move forward with my left analog and try as hard as I can not to move it or he will start "stuttering" as I mentioned before. I thought it was going to be like this just for the tutorial but then it wouldn't stop. I got to what I think is the second mission where I have to start "smuggling" Ellie, but stopped because of this problem. It is virtually unplayable. Please fix this soon, I really want to enjoy this game for the first time. Otherwise I would like to see a refund of some kind.

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