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Pay to win?

I paid $60 for uncharted 4
Had faith so I bought the triple pack as well. Am not able to use any perks or weapons right away...
Very unhappy with how the new perks and weapons are being handled. People who didn't purchase the triple pack should be just as capable of getting those weapons as me. And now vanity chests are incredibly expensive. It's been a few hours and I already see people with the P90 and such. And I have the slimmest of chances at getting anything. I stopped playing the last of us because you had to pay to get perks. This is completely unfair

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I like how some of you defend their greedy practices by saying oh the new weapons like the p90 isn't that good anyway so who cares, yet all I see is everyone running around with that one weapon completely shredding me to pieces because I don't have a single gun that can complete with its rate of fire or blind fire accuracy. And everyone who has that weapon bought it, which is the definition of PAY TO WIN. When other games do this everyone is quick to criticize, like call of duty or battlefield, but when naughty dog do it then oh no its not their fault its because the sky is green and grass is blue.

    The point we're making which most of you don't understand is someone who's never played the game before can now just spend a little extra and have access to the best content and gear, whilst the rest of us who aren't willing to be robbed even though we've put in dozens of hours of game play get left so far behind its almost impossible to catch up

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Naughty dog has taken the Activision road, didn't think I'd see this from them. At first it wasn't such a struggle to get relics but now it costs 3000 for a dlc chest? I bought 2 with 6000 relics saved up and got boosters! No new weapons yet. It'll takes weeks of grinding to open up one more yet others who paid are now running around with the P90 constantly slaughtering me. This is blatant money grabbing bullshit that I expect with Call Of Duty or Destiny, not Naughty Dog!!! This will be my last game from them..

  • Theholychurro commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Preset loadouts have DLC, p90 is really bad, you are not missing out, if you really want them just do challenges and play, i got 500 relics for reaching diamond 3

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