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I am very disappointed in how Naughty Dog has treated the Uncharted 4 multiplayer and their fan base. I paid $85 for my deluxe edition of UC4 (because I knew I would want the single player DLC after experiencing The Last of Us' Ellie DLC). After finishing the single player campaign, I went online and had a pretty enjoyable multiplayer experience, playing around 2 hours a day consistently.
Then the summer DLC was released. And I have to commend Naughty Dog on how artfully and strategically they have packaged this DLC to obscure what complete and total BULLSHIT it is.

Either play the game for months on end like it's your goddamn job and hope you happen to get one of the major DLC items, or pay for your ridiculously overpriced Uncharted points. The entire reason behind having the uncharted points, of course, is to better hide how ridiculously high the amount of $real money these items cost is. You'd be a lot less likely to buy, for example, the Path of Indra if it had a $6.00 fucking price tag next to it, huh? How convenient your fake currency is in hiding the fact that buying all the DLC would cost HUNDREDS of real dollars.

And all of this would only be mildly annoying if it only applied to cosmetic items, but it wouldn't be a next-gen Naughty Dog multiplayer if there weren't some unbalanced DLC weapons included! It didn't take long after the DLC's release to see match quality and pacing be completely fucked up. Part of this seems due to the new matchmaking process, but the rest I would attribute to the PAY TO WIN bullshit that is the P90, which is essentially unstoppable at close range, slightly stronger and more accurate than the ARX with RIDICULOUS blind fire accuracy that has turned many matches into run-and-gun mobs that are possibly the least fun multiplayer experiences I have ever had. Don't even get me started on perks like "hardened."

Since the DLC release, I get online to play maybe once a week. And I doubt I will play much at all in the future, because with this DLC release Naughty Dog has shown what they truly intend to do with this multiplayer, which is to load it with overpriced, divisive, gameplay-affecting DLC to get as much of that $$ sweet $$ uncharted points $$ money $$ as possible, until the people who are left playing are the ones who forked over money for easier winning, and the fans who naively try to save up enough relic points to get something good become burnt out and give up on the game entirely.

I thought you were better than this Naughty Dog!
This is some Call of Duty-esque BULLSHIT and how quickly you have gone over to that kind of behavior really lessens my opinion of the Naughty Dog company.

And the thing is, if all this DLC were available on the PlayStation store for a flat $10-15 bucks, I would've probably bought it. But that would be far too honest and transparent to expect of any game studio nowadays I guess.


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  • leeloo__dallas commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agreed, Naughty Dog has gotten extremely greedy with this multiplayer. They already ruined The Last of Us' multiplayer with bullshit DLC weapons like the tactical shotgun and they obviously intend to do the same to Uncharted 4.

    The P90 is SUCH BULLSHIT, not only is it stronger and more accurate than the ARX like you mentioned, but its the incredibly fast rate of fire and enormous clip size that makes lazy cheap gameplay more prevalent than ever. And kiss your ass goodbye if you run into someone who has the blind fire accuracy mod equipped to it. I'm tired of being mobbed by retards blind firing in circles hearing that goddamn P90 go "BBBRRRRRRRTTTTTTT"
    It's gotten to the point where I can't hear that sound without getting pissed off.

  • ZIzou2563 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Agree Naughty Dog is greedy and need to be realistic with the fan base. Im not spends hundreds of dollars on one game.

  • mikhom commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    the prices and the number of relics that you Need (2000 or 3000) are clearly too high. before it was 150 relics. okay now you earn more relics with Level System, but not in that Proportion. 150 -> 2000/3000 is not okay.

    if you already purchased an exclusive edition or triple pack and is still getting ripped off, that's sad.

    and the p90 ... well, what can i say - sometimes I have the feeling it only playing against 5 crazy babies: race, using Indira and run and shoot p90. thats it. no style no class - no fun.

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