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My Uncharted Points are are not appearing after purchase from the store. What happened?

After purchasing uncharted points or items from the store, they are not appearing on my account, despite the transaction going through. PS Support had me restore licenses already.

All my uncharted points are gone. What happened? My PSN is diogopflanzer

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solved  ·  AdminNaughty Dog QA Team (Admin, Naughty Dog) responded  · 

If you are experiencing this issue, please do the following:

Confirm that your PSN account and version of the game is from the same region you are in. Matching regions are a requirement of PSN, and not something we control.

If you have mismatched regions, you should approach PSN for a refund.

If your PSN ID matches the region you are in we need your PSN ID posted below, along with the time and amount of Uncharted points that you purchased.


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