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Survival needs serious attention and rebalancing

I recently bought the game and was subject to a huge download to install and an update to play online modes. I have no prior knowledge concerning the previous versions, as I've only even owned the game for 6 days. However, I've compared campaign to multiplayer modes and have spotted issues not present in the campaign that need serious attention.

1. In online modes, there is a cliffhanger bug that causes the player to get stuck where there is no obstruction during intense situations. This is the difference between winning and losing in many cases. It happens at random but most often in any Survival difficulty, solo or multiplayer.

2. In Survival, there is a cliffhanger bug that allows enemies, especially bosses, to track through cliff sides and pretty much all other obstacles. In moderate difficulty, this makes Warlords [particularly Wave 30] impossible to beat as currently balanced.

3. Balancing between wave spawning during Survival boss fights, player weapon damage, AI weapon damage, and health points must be overhauled. Warlords in above Light difficulty summon entirely too much support; so much that even 3 member teams can be completely pinned down using a divide and conquer strategy. Each member should be able to hold their own this way, not be downed by just 2 pursuers.

4. Wave 30's Warlord needs a 35% HP reduction, 50% reduced teleport range or 50% reduced teleport frequency, an accuracy reduction, and a 30% damage reduction. He's horribly overpowered and impossible to beat on moderate difficulty with a team of non veteran players. He teleports aggressively, completely nullifying his movement limitations as a brute, and abuses Indra's Eternity, while spam spawning hunters, and spam spawning his already djinn minions. You can't expect anyone but veterans to beat this, let alone with any stars at completion.

4. Warlords aren't granting enough level up rewards. About half of the time I don't get a much needed item upgrade, making completion of more difficult waves painfully difficult or simply impossible.

5. The zoomed reticle needs a center dot or crosshair on non scoped weapons. I encountered a headshot challenge that was loaded with armored adds. Armored adds at this level can eat an entire magazine of headshots while being immune to melee. This isn't actually fair because they move through headshots. With or without state of the art headgear, multiple headshots are fatal. Please consider adding these optional reticles to all game modes. Veterans can simply turn them off for a greater challenge.

6. Wrath of Eldorado needs at least a 30% damage increase in Survival. It doesn't level up, is very useful, and cannot be beneficial in high waves because it doesn't last long enough, and it doesn't fire enough projectiles. It can also be destroyed, as I have destroyed one in Trials. Please increase its duration by 50% and boost its damage output.

7. Hunters are overpowered. This isn't a new or recent complaint. I've researched them and this complain dates back as early as May 2016. They should be slowed down by incoming damage, and the camera angle should VERY quicky switch so that they can be more easily seen when breaking free. Escaping their hold should be rewarded, not punished. Another option is to make them susceptible to melee attacks when their lock is broken.

8. Minions are spawning on players in campaign and Survival modes. This breaks immersion because it literally isn't fair. Please fix this.

9. Most solo Survival goals aren't achievable by non veteran players, especially with Treasure Hunt challenges. Please increase the deadlines for each star.

10. Treasure Hunt has a lot of items placed in bad locations that spoil the fluidity of movement. This severely limits player movement and causes this particular challenge to completely ruin a player's chances of earning any stars on maps that contain them. Also, too many adds spawn during this challenge, making survival that much more difficult.

11. Warlords are able to bind and knock players from their grappling hooks in Survival. When a player is swinging, a boss attack can trap them there. It can also knock them down into ambushes. The AI uses this tactic frequently and purposefully. This bug needs to be fixed quickly please.

12. Survival has taken to placing the Siege point on opposite sides of the map from players in Survival. This is unfair to the players because the movement is too slow for us to compensate for this. Please bind the Siege point location to the nearest armory crate to the players.

13. The Train Wreck add spawn is too slow and widespread for 3 star completion. It is impossible because they avoid the Siege point. Please increase the deadline for 3 star achievement.

I'm new to Uncharted. I really love the series and only want to see it at its best. I bought and completed all 4 games in only two weeks. Please take my feedback well and consider these improvements.

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  • InfSteez commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeah, it seems you're totally right. The problems aren't quite as severe in solo after some grinding, however, they still exist. Going to moderate difficulty is just suicide if playing solo. I know the Treasure Hunt waves are totally messed up because they completely ruin the stage. The treasures aren't placed properly. If I was doing well at 3 stars, treasure hunt will usually bring me down to just one or no stars by itself. It's a total mess.

    There are also problems with multiplayer that I wasn't aware of before. While attempting to adjust to multiplayer after giving up on Survival for that day, veterans were farming wins from us rookies. There is no buffer in any competitive game mode. The vets were boosting by using the rookie mode.

  • mikhom commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Many suggestions, criticism and ask you can read here.


    It is the top topic in the forum - and ND does not care

    It is documented, not a single answer from ND and no patches to improve ND - just worsening the players and driving the unfairness from one lease to the next.

    Survival is death. The game has been totally broken, with ever higher, impossible hurdles for the gamer in cruhsing. Which is unfair, many have received the badge by december 2016.

    And when ND noticed the increased they built up with many patches unreal chicanes, so it has become a single chaos in the game. Players come and leave the stages in just a few minutes because they know it's meanwhile meanless to have no success on high stages. And some are still looking for a team and hope to make it and quickly realize all the effort and time is wasted again and leave the stages after the first failure. No cohesion, no emotions, only anger, frustration and unfair impossible opponents made survival in the since weeks to a death game.

  • InfSteez commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Wow. I wasn't expecting that news. I was previously given the impression that Naughty Dog listened to their player base. I guess I should just switch to regular multiplayer and give up on Survival altogether.

  • mikhom commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Wow, you're really new here- how motivated you are still and believe in the good at ND.... :)

    And everyone notice because of your criticism you're new as you say. So do not be too disappointed, ND gives a shit of the reviews to Survival. For several months, they make a patch to the next hardener, hardener, hardener. Stages 8 and 10, in particular, have so become unplayable for success.

    There are a few hundred suggestions and votes to make the game more fair again. For months, all users who criticize Survial are ignored.

    The best thing you can do is NOT to get 30 stars in Crushing, it's wasted time. Many many hours. Time is more valuable than to get kidding from ND. All the players who still made the 30 stars when the game was even fairer and not unfair and now want to help give up and gave me the same advice. Waisted Time now. Unpossible!

    Even if you manage some stages on 3 stars. Stage 8 and 10 is impossible and will stay with you for a long, long time. Its too frustrating after months of trying you will see it and give up. As you said, the warlords and their sidekicks and their teleporting is totaly unfair - its sensless to try it. Indra dont work at Warlords, so save your money and time.

    All teams i was in the last months- very good player with hardcore run months ago - failed.

    Because of the unfairness of the game, I recommend each player not to buy the game and refer to the threads here, ignoring any suggestion for months.

  • InfSteez commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Forgive the miscount. I lost my place and didn't notice until after I submitted. I missed one as well.

    Please consider allowing players to enter matchmaking in Light difficulty. The options are available but aren't active. Allowing matchmaking would eliminate the need for much rebalancing in this difficulty.

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