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Ranked season 5 rewards

Do you really think it's a good or fair idea to award season 5 cowboys hats at the END of the season when others have them already. I was on Diamond I, in the qualifiers with one more game to win or lose before I would've been master. I was saving it there until end season because if you played your own game enough, you'd know just how terrible ranked has become. The cheaters and the lagg...god, the LAGG! Since the update I've been facing people who blow up from my grenade AFTER they kill me even though it blew up before and they just got affected late but their grenades blow up on me mid air or on impact. People who hit me with headshots everytime i step out, whether i roll or jump or even hide, people who take a ridiculous amount of shots to down but down me after I empty a clip into them only for them to go down also after and give me the points late as hell, showing that they died at like 50 health so it wasn't a tie at all. They just get affected by everything late. Please fix your game. You've got all of this money from microtransactions and you're still sticking to this peer to peer server crap? Anyway, I would have had the master hat already if you all would have just gave us a warning before you pushed the update. It shouldn't matter where we are at the end of the season to get the clothing rewards, it hasn't been working that way. It's easy to get to masters but it's not so easy to stay there and for 50 days too. It's mod and tryhard city on your game and you don't even care. And most of the modders ARE the tryhards. This multiplayer went from being so much fun to such a disaster.

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  • Gamer-Girls-FTW commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I know not everyone uses it. Never said that "everyone" does. I don't cry "rapid-fire" when I die or lose. I cry rapid-fire when they use rapid-fire. I know what it looks like and it makes the damage wobble insane on guns that have very low damage wobble. Not everyone uses it but a LOT of them do. I've many people on my list that openly admit to it and i only added them to see when they are in matchmaking so I can know when NOT to be. On top of the modders, the game is broken due to lag. That is why you can't kill them and it feels like they kill you faster, because the game doesn't count your shots but count all of theirs.

  • Gamer-Girls-FTW commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've made it to master's twice (or would have if they hadn't reset my progress) in this conjoined season and let me tell you, it has never been harder to get there this time. I step out and am in white already from someone shooting a lowe or HS from across the screen. I feel your pain as I always start off at gold too. I'm sorry you have to have such a hard time because people don't play fair. :/ I wish they would do something about this.

  • CxMioxC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Not everyone has a rapid fire controller... even though, good player wouldn't​ use it. It happened so many times. I shot a lot of bullets into someone, and he didn't die, but I died almost immediately, when he shot me. Also with melee. The guy who melees you, can hit the air, but he downs you. It's not fair. Uncharted 3 was so much more fun to play.

  • BabyKitty2007 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was in qualifiers for diamond. Now it's hard to even get to gold with all the cheaters. I always start off at gold and I ended up a bronze :(

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