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Seperate matchmaking for solo players, parties and players that quit / leave game

Can you split the matchmaking into three groups, one for solo players, one for parties and one for players that quit mid game, it's bad enough with 5 vs 5 when one team is a party of 5 and the other is 5 solo players, it's even worse when the players quit mid game leaving you outnumbered, players quit as they know Naughty Dog do nothing about it and they can immediately join another game. It's not just ranked, it happens in all game modes.

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  • Ed67872 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Actually make it five groups, 1. Parties, 2. Elite players, 3. Players that quit mid game, 4. Cheats, 5. The rest of us that want to enjoy the game.

  • dannywolfy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This. I am so ****ing sick of playing matches only to lose horribly thanks to rubbish players (who get no kills and die over 8 or 9 times each)

    It sucks all the fun out of the game.

    I've even had loads of friends on the Tomb Raider Forums saying how they don't even play UC4 MP anymore coz its that bad.

    Naughty Dog NEED to do something about this.. or else more and more players will stop playing altogether.
    Then all there will be is terrible noobs playing.

    Either make a seperate server matchmaking for them (another game did this so all noobs and bad players played together) or offer a penalty for those who quit early or do not contribute in any way.. ruining it for the rest of us.

    I realise not everyone is perfect, and I myself am far from it.. but when players don't even know the basic controls and jump on the spot, jump into cliffs etc.. they are canon fodder.

    I quit UC4MP for over 2 months coz EVERY match was the same thing.
    Came back to it and its no different.
    So sick of it.
    No wonder there are so many Late Matches.

    Do ND even care anymore??

    They probably have the view of "everyone regardless of skill deserves a fair go" urgghhh

    If the Rank system actually paired you with similar levels to your own - that would make more sense.
    That way, all newbies could play together and learn - while more seasoned players can battle against their own skill level.
    Why hasn't this happened yet?
    I'm sure ND said the Rank system would match you with similar levels of skill. Obviously not

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