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UC4 Multiplayer Cheater Infinite Health & Spawn trapping

Xion Malice

◾PSN ID: PiersNivans

◾The PSN ID(s) of Players Suspected of Cheating: Slycooper41

◾URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu4qQ1AskG8

◾A Summary of Suspected Cheating: During this match of classic mode I immediately notice fishy conduct during my intereaction with Slycooper41, my down barok rounds appear to finish him off. But no K.O or indication in the kill feed that I had killed him. Instead he only absorbs all of my bullets like a sponge and headshot kills me. From there the nonsense becomes more asinine. The only person on my team that was able to kill him was Elchore664. I've heard about a "dead body glitch" before but this was 10x more fishy than that. Im not quick to report players but in this instance I have to acquiesce and do so to either A. Get a clear understanding of whats going on, or B. Help eliminate another scummy cheater from the player pool. All consideration and review is greatly appreciated and thank you for your time.

◾Email: Dcscontact16@yahoo.com

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