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UC4 ranked team death match critical ranking logic error

UC4 ranked team death match ranking logic error

I would like to summarize plenty of posts from the sony playstation uncharted 4 multiplayers forums about a general logic error which makes it impossible for players to rank up.

First of all i would like to bring on some principles for a competitive game with a meaningful ranking:

„Who plays good rankes up and who plays bad doesn’t rank down“

This principle is actually not implemented in uncharted 4 yet because the player can not affect ranking up with his skills. The system itself decides who ranks up (positive point amount gained) and who ranks down (negative Points) at the moment of the matchmaking. And since party vs. nonparty can be matched there is no natural balancing in this case.

1 Example when playing Platin I:

Player played superior and team wins: 40 (10+30)Points.
Player played superior and team lost: -6 (-18+12)Points.

That means a player can theoretically play like god but he can never affect if he gets 40 Points or -6 Points for the identical performance. That is actually the logical error itself.

2 Example in qualifiers Diamond:
5 games and 50 Points required

The player plays every game outstanding superior 2000-3000 Points+ every of the 5 games but the buddy are bad. Means the player gaines 5 times -6 points (happens often) and ends the qualifiers with -30 Points and gets ranked down. the is no argument in the world that can justify this result.

theoretically the player should rank up because he is much better than any other player in this rank. This would require at least +10 Points for every lost game played superior. its a logical error and most people play as random and don’t even understand how this can make sense in any way?

This senseless system leads to player frustrations and player leave the game. Instead they should be motivated to continue playing - no developer/game designer can question this.

To Do:
stop pointless for superior gameplay + add points
stop party vs. non party unfair matches
ranking up must be individually since you don’t rank up with a fixed group - everyone ranks individually.

I know the world is not fair und not perfect but a video game should be better than this.
please finally face these serious issues and make UC4 better.

for more posts like that and photo proofs about that check uncharted 4 playstation forums.


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  • kogalino commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I absolutely agree with dandins and scenenz. It would be great to have a ranked option to play only with other solo players, meaning no team in either party. Or make every other season a solo ranked only.

    It is not fun to see your teammates "leeroy jenkins" into the other team because they are frustrated too.

  • scenenz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I agree with this, especially as a solo player, you don't choose your team so you shouldn't be punished AT ALL for carrying your team, especially when most of them have a death wish running around with charged Melee into a full team shooting at them.

    It should be common knowledge that the person who scores more than anyone on their team or even in both teams is the true MVP and should be rewarded for it.

    Individual achievement should be focused on and then people will actually stop camping and team shooting because they actually want to be rewarded for their performance.

    The thing is if you keep focusing on team based gameplay then you're neglecting the majority of the individual players or small group players. May aswell put solo rank players in the standard TDM queue as that has faster matchmaking.

  • dandins commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I meant: „Who plays good rankes up and who plays bad rank down“

    "Who plays good rankes up and who plays bad doesn’t rank down“ is actually a more player friendly method.

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