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Not giving deserved ranked points for a blow out win

I should have gained 50 points for the blowout shown in this clip which would have gave me master rank for my first time, I came second place at the end of the game and only got 30 points even though my friend RAPTORDEMONS123 below me on the leader board got 40, I deserve the points the game is suppose to give me for winning 201-34. I play the digital deluxe edition of uncharted on my original ps4 since release of the game. I run a wireless internet setup with a moderate nat. my PSN is dominikkowalski5

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  • Mr_ShinyPants commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yeah ND what the hell. This guy almost got into masters but because of your stupid rank system for KoTH he didn't get it. Please re-evaluate the rank points system, because right now it's just ridiculous. I have had this occurred as well so please fix this or re-evaluate the point system.

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