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Ranked is a monument of incompetence and stupidity

I have been playing ranked for a little while, tried my luck as a beginner in TDM and now i have been playing KOTH for about a month.

I am not a very good player but in just a few hours playing across about 3 days i got to Diamond 1. This while playing alone a finishing games on any place between 1 and 5. I would say I am a mediocre player overall.

I have been there, at Diamond, in and out of mastet qualifiers for over 3 weeks. I have been very close a few times. Normally this would be a sign that I am not good enough to get to master not even once.

But, in one instance i lost the qualifiers because for some reason i got a white plug during the decisive match. My team was leadin 120 to 25 at that point. My internet connection is usually flawless, this was only the 2nd time ever. I lost 40 points. In most situations in at least one game from qualifiers one or more people quit, even when we are winning. But three of the biggest problems with this game are that:

People don't know how to play it. This game is filled with idiots who may have better aim but ar stupid as fuck when it comes to strategy, spatial awareness, or simply having their teammates back. I put down two enemies with a c4 a third one is trying to revive them within the hill, i fall and 3 of my teammates are standing around the hill, while the target is getting red instead of fucking going in and finishing the job.
Then I really don't get people who are playing KOTH without any mystical, sidekick or revive packs. At least one of them if you are not the best shooter. And even if you are, without any of these chances are you are not helping the team.

I also find people just hanging around the hill and only getting in the second the enemy team captured it. What the flying fuck?

In a match where we are lucky enough to have one enemy leave the game, and we are getting all the hills and having 200-50 advantage, instead of hanging back and baiting the enemy to make more points they just grab the last hill immediately.

Then even if all of the above do not happen I either run i a party where all people communicate, and are all awesome players or in a team of modded controllers and laggers.

I mean seriously what the actual fuck ND?
Is it so fucking hard to balance this game. To not match parties of 4 5 masters agains random team of diamonds or platinums? Is it so fucking difficult to not tale points from players who don't leave their team and who don't want to vote for forfeits?

You ar bringing on a hundred updates to this game only with lame ass shitty unnecessary content, and havr fixed nothing.

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