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Remove Fake Accounts From LeaderBoards

Hello Naughty dog
First thing Thank you for the last update for LeaderBoards ( players now require 3 hours of play time to post his name in LeaderBoards)
this is a good idea to remove cheater and fake accounts
but i have a new idea For LeaderBoards system they are some inactive
accounts in LeaderBoards as you can see they are some players didn't play for a long time for example some of the top 11 players in command mode,
classic mode , plunder, tdm , king of the hill , are inactive accounts they Don't want to play because they Don't want to loss his place or score/min
points so Please if anyone of the top 11 players or all players didn't play
the game mode for 1 month just hide his name and if he play the mode again
show his name in the LeaderBoards because I'm Navarro-127 #4 in command mode
i play command everyday and my friend Meph-66 #3 in command mode we play
everyday but the #1 and the #2 in command mode didn't play for a long time
because they Don't want to loss his place
Thank you

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  • FIVE-D-EXISTENCE commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Why not just add all time total leaderboards instead? The more you play the game, the higher you will stand on the boards. Just like the ones from previous uncharted games and problem solved. Total Downs, KOs, Revives and Wins leaderboards.

    By the way, you won't solve this problem by doing this, as all it takes is create a brand new account and play a few matches to be #1 again

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