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Some multiplayer ideas

1) co op adventure: I just watched the survival arena trailer, and that looks awesome, but I feel like the game misses co op adventure because uncharted 2 and 3 had it.

2) maps from uncharted 2-3

3) playable characters like: Jeff the cameraman, Karl Schafer, Vargas, hector Alcazar, maybe uncharted golden abyss characters.

4) game modes like free for all, three team deathmatch, the lab, team objective,...

5) uncharted the lost legacy maps (I don't know if you already did that with the upcoming update)

6) weapons, but rather something new, like you did with the GX-39, because we already have enough assault rifles. Maybe a SMG, a new shotgun, or an action rifle like the Harrison.

7) I also have an idea for new costumes: cartoon. In uncharted drakes fortune you could enable drake cartoon costume. Something like that but for every character.

I hope you read this and if you do, remember: these are ideas, not commands, I would just like to see this in the game. Have a nice day!!

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