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Dayly challenges glitch

So yesterday i got a daily challenge in survival: to get 90 kills with the Arrowhead for 450 rellics. Note that it was the only challenge i had. Today i played a couple of rounds of survival to complete the challenge. However, it was at 5 pm central european time, wich means that when my session ended, i would get a new daily challenge that i could complete. However, when i got the 90 kills and exited survival, i didn't get my 450 rellics reward, and the Arrowhead challenge had been replaced by another one.

I have never experienced this, maybe it was a ''one time only'' glitch, but if it's possible, you could maybe investigate the glitch and (selfish, yes) give me a 450 rellic refund?

Thanks in advance (if anyone reads this)

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