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Expansion & Replay-ability

Hello, My name is Brittany and I am a avid fan of all things Naughty Dog! I was thrilled with the uncharted Lost Legacy game. I loved the two main characters and the banter and relationship development was pot on. Also the reveal of some of there individualize back story and each there own personal character development as well was perfectly done. I would strongly suggest you do not let go if the writers who contributed to this game I would like to see the replay-ability of naughty dogs Increase. When we buy video games now upon release they are just shy of 100$ a piece. that is a hefty investment for a single consumer of a product. Because of this the length and replay-ability of a video game has become increasingly important. But, the Naughty dog games are all very linear. Once you play threw a game there is very little variation when you go to play it a second time and it becomes very predictable. Have you also notice that in an uncharted game there is no real risk of failure and no true consequences to choices or actions? What I might suggest Is that they do something a few of there commentators have already done and create multiple possible endings for a game. Have choices a character makes effect the end result while keeping in spirit of the type of game it has been thus far in the uncharted series.

So, I would recommend the next uncharted game have these two female character in it again, a full length video game. Make it slightly more open world with multiple endings. so bad ending/failure, medium ending and prime/best ending.

I would advise to look at Witcher 3 for a starting point and inspiration. Do not look at the Mass effect games. I like the way naughty dog does there dialogue and I wouldn't want to see that change.

I look forward to the next release and I hope you possibly implement my recommendations! I always hope for continued success of your company! Keep up the good work!


Brittany. An invested consumer

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