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Dear Naughty Dog Team,

I've finished Uncharted The Lost Legacy a few days ago. Just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for this beautiful game. The vegetation, the Hoysala ruins are amazing. I really liked the open world concept and the ruby bracelet too. :)

There are a few things I did not like however. Somewhere at the other end of the train the FPS dropped into the 10-15 range. There are several bossfights in the game with Asav and I think there are two of them where Chloe should have both of her guns (nobody took them from her and just because she once fell about 2 meters she shouldn't lose her guns) so it would be much easier for her to shoot Asav - but she can't. Also the Quick Timed Event bossfights where I don't see which button I should press and when is not a good idea in my opinion. If you want to create really good martial arts/fist fights in your games take a look at the Batman Arkham video games combat system.

Best regards,

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