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Multiplayer team number ridgidity

Hi. The multiplayer game is amazing and possibly the best teamwork based game out there. My only gripe is the strict 4 players lobby limit on being able to enter a public lobby.

Getting your friends together for a game is never an exact science, and It often puts the team in the awkward position of, if a fifth friend joins, having to either tell them they cannot join us or splitting up (or even playing another game).

I understand that the limit is probably put in place to prevent artificial leveling up when playing with friends, but surely this could be extended to 6 player, with 2 players randomly placed in the other team on each match.

Perhaps this could be changed. It would certainly make it much more enjoyable to play with friends online.

Kind regards,

David Kennington

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    Me and my wife are both major fans of Uncharted and we particularly like the co-op Mulitiplayer. So in you best interest could you please work out the bugs as soon as possible so you can integrate it into Uncharted 4. It sucks because me and my wife enjoy playing all Uncharted in CO-OP mode.

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