Have you found a bug or issue with The Last of Us Remastered?

PS3: Console shut off...at any point after playing the game a while. The console is an unlikely issue.

I get in trouble at forums for posting duplicate questions, but I took a glance at all of these issues and the one I am experiencing is distinct, it's one where the console shuts off after 2 minutes, 2 hours or 2 days (just examples, it varies), of game play. I'm running and gunning in TLoU for 1-2 hours on any given day, maybe I played a separate PS2 or PS3 game recently or watched a Blu Ray, but on the TLoU my PS3 just shuts down, red light blinking, not yellow or yellow other color.

I thought console and dust, I cleaned the console out good. I thought console and the games using resources. I've rotated games Vice CIty, Heavy Rain, God of Wars+3. I beat some of these games, so hours of game play, with regular Netflix thrown on top, and then I reached the TLoU because it's a crazy game and I never played the PS3 beforehand, and my console shuts off exclusively with the game. I thought ventilation and I have the unit out in the open with breathing room, the game doesn't seem to agree with the system it was exclusively designed for. The game has it's most recent updates and the console is updated as well. I don't think the Ps3 is the issue, my two cents, because I was running God of War3 like a charm, comparison is all I have. I'd greatly appreciate some professional opinions/ help. Please

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    and and now I read the related issues to 'console shut off' and i still think my is somewhat unique, sorry... my Ps3 is roughly CECHAxx (2006) and this is a Disc based TLOU.

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