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Level Restarts Every Time

My Levels Restarts Every Time I Quit The Game. I have played week 7 day 7 till reaching week 9 and after Quit The Game (properly) my level restarts and all things i had unlocked ... My Friends have same problem. But I Dont have any laggs or any errors just it dosent save the game
We have The Problem on Ps4 Region 1,2 300GB Free Space And We have Disk Version , We have This Problem around 1 week (We Have Tried Deleting game Data , Faction MP Maps , Testing With Other ISP , Etc .) Still Have Problem How Could We Fix That ?!

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This behavior s normally due to the player late joining matches. The clan days do not progress when the player late joins a game.

The player will know if he has late joined or not if he skips the map voting screen and begins to load the game.

Missions are also affected this way. Any progress will count, but the day will not progress.


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