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quà prejudice address me in this forum after a year that do not or never had problems with ps4 but this time or a serious problem on the last of us remastered state that or a 12 MB connection download and upload 650 kb with 22 ping and use nat type 2, or already explained that not or had no problem with this connection and with this game that I like and and my only virtually always love game in the last multiplayer but from yesterday until today, or encountered a very serious problem how is it possible that with a connection so doing various speed tests the game the last of Us I disconnects all the time, from yesterday making inexorably lock my character and always appear detach taken before being shottato without reacting why and unable to move with the continuous disconnessionamento, or enabled the dMZ but nothing is not what the problem why I repeat a year is going to start with the connection or not had any problems of any kind, that's why I appeal to you all playstation if at this moment you too have these problems also having a good connection as the mia.perchè if the problem, and mine alone, and then the problem far more serious than when I thought and at this time are in utter despair because I can not give up a game to which they are so tied up that I can not help meno.lunica thing that makes me think and that there is some half a cheater or aker please help me to cope with this thing, mettettevi in ​​my shoes you would be if instead of me doing the matches so would be suffered by quittare every game, Naughty Dog please risolvetemi this problem disconnect there every minute as I can play so put yourself in my shoes, and two days that I keep so I can not give up a game so beautiful, and 2 years that I play and I will not stop

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