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Your Silence Is Deafening Naughty Dog!

Naughty Dog, we know you see this! We know that you are aware of the small outrage that is building up over the past week. Why haven't you spoke out in any way shape or format?

I and many other 1080p TV owners have invested in the PS4 Pro, I myself traded in my old PS4 to buy a Pro. We bought a Pro for many reasons, the biggest reason was the ability to downsample games to a 1080p display to achieve amazing image quality. My investment has already started to pay off with games I've already owned and purchased specifically for the Pro benefits.

One of those games was The Last Of Us: Remastered. I already owned the game and played through it on my original PS4. TLOU:R has become one of my favorite if not THE best game I've ever played. I could go on and on about why but that's not the reason for posting this. Naughty Dog, I'm disappointed in you, and I'm sure that doesn't matter to a company of your stature. You just announced TLOU 2 and the gaming world is eating it up.

However I won't be buying it at this point.

Your removal of downsampling for 1080p owners isn't the reason why.

It's your silence.

If you don't update the game to enable it i understand, you guys are busy with new games you are making.

Why can't you at least say "We are looking into it" or something along those lines? Your silence shows that you don't care, and for a developer of your pedigree that is disappointing. I have other games to play, I can play Rise Of The Tomb Raiders and choose for many display options to enjoy the game to its fullest on PS4 Pro. I can play Shadow of Mordor a game released 2 years ago that gives me options on how to maximize the most of my PS4 Pro.

The game I really want to play though is The Last Of Us, I was in the middle of another playthrough, having a blast amazed at how clean the game is. The image quality was superb, I was in love with the game all over again I was taking my time trying to find everything little thing I could and was loving it.

Now I refuse to finish because the game looks downgraded from the beauty it was on my Pro.

Naughty Dog, I plead with you. Just let us know you hear us and our concerns for this omission, your silence is deafening.

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  • jimmy141183 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    ANSTENBERG and MISTERSOCIOPATH ARE RUINING EVERYONES GAME . ANSTENBERG COULD BE THE SAME PLAYER WHO CHANGED THE NAME TO MISTER SOCIOPATH AND THEY ARE JUST just messing in the Supply Game evrytime. Please do something naughtydog . Block this players IP or take his gaming rights .

  • veronica1997 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Perhaps we should call them DirtyDogs from now on because of the arrogance, complacency, and lack of decency that they have exhibited here. I suggest that all of you make a stand and purchase preowned copies of ND's future releases, and tell your friends to do the same. HIT THEM IN THEIR WALLETS!! Because if we let them get away with showing us such disdain, then what might they do to us in the future?

    I also find it nauseating that ND feel compelled to virtue signal their political beliefs and permeate their games with them, yet don't have any qualms about not responding to perfectly reasonable requests, and even worse, censoring them.

  • IukiDukem commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dear ND..

    you can decide whether to put it back the SuperSampling (downscale from 4K) on automatically as it was before 1.08 patch, or give the opportunity for all users to be able to choose whether to activate the 1080p SuperSampling for all games that support 4K mode

    though this will not be done as soon as possible, irrevocably lose face, ruining the reputation of ND, having betrayed your major supporters, is not sony you Buy your games, we are users who do ordain commercial sucess, and the Good name of the Company, it is not enough to make a great game like TLOU, but to behave with dedication and honest towards the propylene users, if you want to be truly appreciated and Respected, remain in history.. without Shadows!

    threads on the subject closed, your total silence even on Social, until now, we are doing seriously worry .. there is already talk contact consumer associations, lawyers, to make a class action against Sony, miles PS users suspect there is sony behind these dark and infamous maneuvers, to hit and deliberately penalize users who play at 1080p, do not be under the illusion that it will not end closing threads, this is just the beginning of the storm that was unleashed

    a PS4 Pro that has become virtually useless to users who have bought with confidence, knowing you have the SupeSamplinei of the 4K games played at 1080p, but after a month, are already 3

    They are already three games in which the SuperSampling (Remastered Tlou, Battlefield, Dishonored 2) and add a fourth title out appnea "The Last Gurdian" was removed which does not have the SS from the beginning, and I would really need. .. all this clearly strengthens the conspiracy theory at the expense of users who play the PS to 1080p

    in due proportions .. it is like having been betrayed by his beloved!

    it really hurts..!

    is a Deep split.. a wound that will always remain open, if you do not return to the right path.

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