Have you found a bug or issue with The Last of Us Remastered?

Game is CONSTANTLY CRASHING after update! Fix your god damn game, Naughty Dog!

I downloaded the latest updates after being away from my PS4 for a while and now the game crashes, constantly, every 5 minutes or so of gameplay.

I have tried every troubleshooting step:

I have rebuilt the database.
I have re-initialized the console.
I have re-initialized the console AND reinstalled system software.
I have 'restored licences'.
I have replaced the hard drive.

I have done all of these SEVERAL TIMES each and the problem STILL PERSISTS!!!

There is nothing wrong with my PS4. It plays other games without issue. The problem is with YOUR game and the latest updates you made for it - your newest updates BREAK THE GAME!!!

I see on this website there are other threads for this problem dating back up to TWO YEARS!

TWO YEARS and you haven't even ACKNOWLEDGED the problem let alone announced when (if at all) you're going to fix it!

You are pathetic, Naughty Dog, and you have no care for your products or their fans. FIX YOUR GOD DAMN GAME!

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  • dynamitedoom7 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is still happening in December 2018. I played it back in 2015/16 and it worked fine on a first gen ps4. Now I have you game crashing on my ps4 pro every five minutes. Please fix your shit naughty dogs. I share the same problems as the other comments with the game. Acknowledge them. Please

  • asal_gov commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I know this forum is for PS4 only but the link u provide for PS3 has no posts at all. So plz read my compalint.

    I am having the same problem with Last of Us on my PS3.

    On my first play through it got stuck in hotel with piano. Tried many times but every time I jumped through the window instead of cutscene all I get is the black screen. I rebuilt the database many times but to no avail. Then I deleted the game update & the game worked just fine.

    But then on my second playthrough it froze again not in hotel piano chapter but before that in Pittsburgh chapter when Joel & Ellie enter the camp full of enemies. Then after lot of tries it somehow got through.

    Then when you are followed by the vehicle with machine gun. When the vehicle goes away & u jump into the window, the shit freezes again.

    I installed the update again & tried but it frozeagain. Then I deleted the update & tried again but it froze again.
    One thing I noticed is that before freezing the walls and buildings disappear.

    Now after trying so many times I have given up now.

    Naughty dog I was not expecting such a broken game from guys like you. Its not just me but there are thousands of forums filled with same complaints about last of us freezing issue. And whats sad is that even after 4 years u still have not fixed the problem.
    I am never ever buying ur games again untill I m pretty sure that they dont run like shit like last of us.
    I hope you will give me some solution.

    I have a PS3 160GB slim.
    I have Last of Us disc.
    I have around 100GB free space (I replaced my HDD with 320GB few years back).

    Waiting for ur reply..........

  • Maiden_Ty_OneX commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Oh, and my copy is a digital copy, meaning I can't install the game without the latest 'updates' as digital copies come with the latest updates built in - which is a pathetic design flaw, I might add.

    If you're going to release 'updates' that actually BREAK YOUR GAMES you should give us the option to download the game WITHOUT the update or allow us to 'roll back' the updates.

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