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Crash sewers


Apologies if this has been posted before but I couldn't see it anywhere and so far have been unable to find a solution.

As soon as the Sewers chapter begins it seems to load incorrectly and a lot of the environment assets are missing. Specifically the whole area behind the boat is gone (allowing me to see the rest of the map behind it) and if I follow the stream up to the left, the water appears to be coming from another large hole in the wall, through which I can see the rest of the map in the distance. I can explore the area and play as normal until Sam calls to come check something out. When I follow him up the stream, Henry's disappears and almost immediately afterwards, the loading screen cuts in and the game just remains there indefinitely.

After encountering this the first time, I closed the game, reopened and loaded my last autosave. It remained on the load screen and I couldn't continue. I closed the game and instead of reloading, chose to start the chapter over. This will allow me to play again but I just encounter the same problem each time and each save file is effectively corrupted when it crashes.

Anyone else had this problem? Any ideas for a solution?


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    maybe your game data is corrupted.....try re-installing and re-patch the game.

    worst case scenario is that your latest save file is damaged. if the above won't help you, I think you'll need to replay from an older save (or go back to an even earlier chapter/part of the game).

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