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It stays stuck at the "connecting " screen with the progress bar

This has been going on for two days now I cannot play multiplayer when I click on MP FACTIONS it just stays stuck on the "connecting" with the progress bar at the same at %80. Ive tried everythiing: restarting modem, router, uninstalling the game reinstalling it, deleting its saved game data turning off ps4 and back on removing the disc and placing it back in and it still just stays stuck at the "connecting " screen. And this happened after working just fine for years. I've tested my PSN connecting it wors fine and download speed is around 100mps.

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    I have the exact same problem. I brought tlou on june 14 this year and i cant connect to the multiplayer at all. I click on factions and the connection gets stuck at 15% all the time!!!!!!! The first time i clicked on it went to 80% but never fully. After that it just gets stuck with is saying " connecting"😕

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    I've even bought a new harddrive and installed it and reinstalled the game and same problem.

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    Sometimes it says "error downloading config file"

    I bought the downloadable version of last of us just to rule out the error was not on the disc.

    I created a new psn account and reinstalled the game.

    Same problem.

    Do you guys plan on helping me out at all ? I have purchased this game like 3 times and have purchase items and weapons and you guys cant even reply to try to help?

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