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comic book dialogue is stuck and some comics wont spawn

the comic book that ellie finds at the beginning of winter will not spawn on any new game or new game plus that i start, and whenever joel finds comic books he always says "i bet ellie'd like this" instead of any of the other possible dialogues that should be happened like when he tells ellie and she says she will read it later, those other dialogues never ever happen, its always the same one and at the end when ellie picks up the comic from the car, she says nothing which is so sad PLEASE FIX THE COMIC BOOKS PLEEEEEEEEEASE i've seen this happen to so many other players too its sad, comic books make ellie happy please fix the glitch and make ellie happy

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  • Bikerchick03 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have the same issue with the comics spawning. The 2 in winter aren't there on my last 2 grounded plus play throughs. They were there in other games, but not anymore. I too have experienced Joel's single statements when picking up comics. Is there a solution??

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