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Can you not fuck up TLOU 2 Online with OP weapons and P2W BS? You almost had the perfect game, then you sold better guns. Be ND, not EA.

Don't be EA. Don't be P2W online. Don't be boring and predictable.

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    Doesn't really matter if your story is compelling, if you "sell" fun online. People love your online, make it fair. How much money did you get off of selling the tact? Now almost every lobby has tact and silenced tact that might as well be hunting rifles with their ridiculous range. So basically spend to make 999, then rage quit when a 500 ish figures out your obvious pattern in early game. You're employing the EA archetype, and it's apparent, and annoying. And I'm admit I've bought, when I didn't realize what P2W was. Now I play 💯 F2P loads and guess fucking what. More fun.

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