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There was someone on The Last of Us Remastered Factions Spreading EXTREME Hate Speech

I have a recording of the encounter. He yells the N word about 50 times antagonizing an african american player on my team. I mean his profile says it all.


How do we go about banning a player like this. On top of this, he and his teammates were hacking the game. Our team is composed of experienced players and it was blatant. At the very least please look into this player and his friends. One of them was named xExcuseSs_-

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    If he is saying nasty things you can report him on psn for hate speech or harassment you could consider it harassment as it is an indirect type if they constantly say such things. Still trying to figure out how to report cheaters myself, best bet is please get footage for youtube and submit them to Naughty Dog hopefully they'll address it.

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