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How to report cheaters, hackers, lag issues, map glitches

So where is report a cheater option for this? Why do other games have it but not TLOU? Come on I am beyond annoyed and frustrated with this. You also have those same jerks making multiple ps accounts doing the same nonsense. Here's a link to the youtube channel of one guy crab walking, for some reason the rest of the video did upload but he was crab walking most the game.

I've seen many players crab walking and haven't got a good video for you yet. Essentially you can be across the map within milliseconds. I was with a team once in warf the game just started and we took two steps forward the entire enemy team was already at our spawn before we hit the box that's how fast it is. A lot of people have been using this I just never bothered getting video as when I try it didn't record the spot I needed or I just didn't record in time.

Then there's a still shot of someone else that was cheating using a map glitch. Checkpoint apparently you can still get up to the third floor as seen in the video photo.

Other maps still have map glitches that need to be patched. They are as follows:

Checkpoint fire house check the video link please
Financial plaza, in the case the window sill in the ally you can stand on the ledge and see/shoot through half the map. It takes away the environment exposing players making it easy to pick them off. That needs to be patched. Second glitch in this map by the bookstore at the rear end of the white truck you stand in the corner and it takes apart of the bank away where the lock box is exposing players making it easy to shoot them. Please patch these.

Warf, by the green prisoner transport bus the wall by the front of the bus if you stand in and face the corner of it you can see half the map. If you want a video tell me I'll make one in case you don't know what I'm talking about. Please fix this patch.

Those are the main glitches I'm aware of. last complaint is the insane amount of lag players. They are able to shoot through walls, objects, environment, everything and hit you where ever you are. Plus they can teleport all over the damn place. I was against a wall back to it shooting at a laggy player of course my bullets went through them then all a sudden I was dead, how so they lagged behind me shiving me even through I was secure against the wall they lagged behind me pushing my character out. There's also the one hit stick lag players can be two feet across from you swing and then bam hit you even though you're not even close. This seems to be a problem with lag and in the game in general many players are just gliding forward with that. Also smoke bombs that should affect them don't. I've smoke people to run shiv and they are out of it in seconds, but when I am smoke even though I am no longer stunned my character is still shived from the front wtf???

You need a better server to play the multiplayer on and we need a better way to report people. I am trying to make legitimate claims for you and if you need me to do anything to make it easier people ask me I'd be happy to help you get these sorted. I'm a big fan of TLOU I'm very selective of the games I play and TLOU is the only online game I play. This nonsense that's been going on makes me not want to play TLOU multiplayer ever again. That really breaks my heart at this game is very meaningful to me. Cheaters, hackers, spit in your face by mocking your game by doing this and I've known a lot of players I've met delete or sell their game because of this. I've lost friends to this nonsense as they don't want anything to do with TLOU anymore.

I hope you response I know this is lengthy but it's taken me time to respond appropriately.

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    Initial post is from October and what they have done about it ? Fu** all. Lags are due to matching players. More often right now I'm hoping Brazilian or Argentinan players with 0 or max 2 bars and the best way is just to leave such game. Unfortunately they don't care as long as money are still coming in.

  • ahha commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also want to repport huge problem with lags. Game is getting unplayable. When me and my teammates have 4-5 ping bar connection, other teams have for example 2 or less game changes. Their moves are diffrent, they go and run to fast and animation "jumping". When they shoot behind objects or wals they r total invisible. Many times shots dont down them, 100 procent good shots in head or body and they still running. Game is about reflex and skills and every noob can win the game becouse he has lag. I dunno is that lag switcher or just lags but can we or You do something about it ?

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