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The tag glitch/bug

Naughty dog,i have found a glitch in the last of us remastered tag system and statistics. I am playing on the ps4 slim and have a physical disk copy of the game.i dont have an internet connection so i am playing the1.00 version of the game. I tried googling this and found that a LOT of people are suffering from this. I have a free space of 717.4 gb. My problem is that i have achieved the 'scavenger' trophy which means that I also have 'look for the light' trophy, 'it was all just lying there' trophy, 'i got this' trophy as well as 'endure and survive' trophy. But the problem is this - even though I have the 'endure and survive' trophy, i dont have the tag, which is absurd considering i have achieved the 'scavenger' tag but not the 'endure and survive' tag being a guy of completionist nature, it enfuriates me to see that i dont have the tag even though i have the scavenger tag.i went through the statistics and found to my surprise that everything under the 'collectibles' has count of zero. EVERYTHING-including the Left Behind collectibles- has a count of zero which is just unfair considering I Have collected all the 14 things and have achieved the trophy for it. Furthermore, if i go down to the game completion area i found out that it has not any counted my game completions-meaning it's counts are zero too - considering i completed the game on hard+ and have the tag and trophy for it too. Please let me know if this bug is fixed in the1.09 patch or tell me a way around this which doesn't involve me deleting my profile or my save data as i don't have an external storage device OR playstation plus to back up my data and i have all the tags on only one save data . Also(i dont know if this is worth taking note of but i will put this out anyway for you guys) in the 'hunt' part of the 'lakeside resort' chapter ,after picking up the comic book after hunting the deer it does not trigger a conversation like it should and it doesn't pop up in the top left corner (i know this because this happened in an alternate account where it does pop up and Ellie says 'awesome') and it quite a while for it to load up when I access it through my backpack, which leads me to speculate that the game doesn't register it as 'picked up'after i pick it up Please look into this and contact me as fast as you can.i know that you have been busy with 'the last of us 2' but what good making a second game does if the first game is still plagued by glitches??? I am awaiting your reply.

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