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CHEATERS SHOOTING THRU WALLS Glitch/Exploit with "shoulder switch shoot" at Anyone

This a VERY BIG ISSUE / BUG that is affecting your Multiplayer side of PvP. I know you guys are focused on TLOU2 but this issue is too GAME BREAKING AND UNFAIR for those who cant do anything about it or arent good at the game. Maybe when your second game gets hyped, and they want to try the First TLOU before part 2 comes out, and see this broken HUGE ISSUE, Expect less Sales and complaints before the release, like now for example. I am complaining since this game has a huge content community and streaming community, and we already have enough Issues having to deal with Stream Snipers and Haters alike, now some have to deal with their online bullying and getting shot thru walls easily... Guys Do something about this Issue before you release TLOU2. Even if you code something like Unable to Shoot at Wall/Object where the enemy is exactly behind of, if there is no other way, hey atleast we save on wasted bullets that way if anything, but this SHooting Thru walls at enemies is way too GAME BREAKING CHEATING PERIOD.

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  • bartek004 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I understand that you can't do anything about players who are using rapid fire but at least sort all the glitches. Shooting through walls and crab walking needs immediate action. Playing online right now is a waste of time

  • S-C-O-R-M-E-G-A commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    To lend some detail to the original post:

    The glitch allows anyone to shoot through any wall in the game. All they have to do is switch shoulders rapidly. To exploit the glitch, the user just has to see an enemy marked with hawk eye 2/3 (to see their outline) then shoulder swap while shooting at them, even if they are behind multiple walls. You can see what it looks like here at 3:27 and 5:10:

    See what it looks like to have it done to you at the 0:34 mark:

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