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Multiplayer Character Freezing & Session Kicks

PS4 owned since Dec.2013
Latest LOU remastered patch
Wireless Connection, NAT Type 2, 6.8mb Download, 0.4mb Upload.

I have serious issues with my character freezing randomly but quite regularly in online games as well as often being kicked for no apparent reason. I can confirm I am getting a good connection & have no problems on other games with my internet speed (I ensure I play when my connection is good, before 5pm UK time).
If I have researched correctly, my understanding is that this 'freezing' is a safety net to stop 'laggy' people having an unfair advantage? However it seems totally unreasonable if this is the case. I am often last man standing and will be stuck on the spot with the connection symbol flashing at me while the opposition slowly moves in and take me out while I am completely helpless.
Please can you look into this issue? If this has to be in the game to keep it 'balanced' why not allow me/us to at least run away and disable firing/equipment etc... then at least maybe it will be playable because at the minute it is a bit of a joke. Several times I have suffered in terms of scoring etc because of this hideous feature/bug.
I hope you can help and perhaps reply if that's possible. Thank You. Big fan of the game in terms of single player and multiplayer but this is something that's driving me crazy at the minute and spoiling my experience while playing with friends.

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