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Team Balancing in TLoU MP (No Parties Allowed Variant)

PS4 Model: Day 1 or Launch model
Installed since Launch day
System Free Space: 234 GB
Connection Method: LAN Cable
NAT Type: Type 2
Connection Speed DL: 19.4 Mbps
Connection Speed UL: 1.6 Mbps

I think the team balancing in TLoU MP could use some work. The game will quite often stack one team. Here is an example of what I'm talking about: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BwgHCugCYAALvIg.jpg:large
A level 32, 41, 38 and another 38 versus a level 14, 3, 15 and 2. That is very unfair. My team could not compete with the other team's experience and superior gear. This is just one example, mind you. This happens very frequently. I could understand this happening if I was playing in Parties Allowed. Many people would not want to be separated from their friends. But I'm playing in No Parties Allowed, so these people aren't together. The game just put them together. Even if I was playing in Parties Allowed, a team like that should be split up in the event of facing a team such as the one I was on. This might upset some people, but I think it's better to have balanced teams to better ensure a competitive game. Aside from this (and the bow being OP IMO), this is the only issue I have with the game. I really enjoy it, but all too often imbalanced teams dampen that enjoyment. I hope you agree that there is a problem, and I look forward to a solution. Thank you.

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The numbers next to a player’s name do not indicate their “level”, just the amount of time they’ve spent in game. Matchmaking is determined by their kill/death ratio.

While it’s true that new players will have less equipment and weapons than vets, for the most they level up fairly quickly to equalize the differences.

Players who late join will appear with “0” time spent in game, regardless of experience.

Hopefully that explains it.


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    I really tought a well regarded game developer like ND would be smarter than using kdr for matchmaking. This creates 90% of the time the following scenario: i have to carry the team or i get demolished, because i have a kdr of 2.9, so i get all the bad players on my team since the average kdr for this game is quite low. I'm not really surprised, your expertise is certainly not mp's, but still very dissapointed, like so many other players who invested much time into this game.

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