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I've notice when playing players of a low rank are put against
players of a very high rank like say 80 or sometimes above are in the same lobby i don't think this is fair on players who are not used to the game or of that same high rank you need to change this you need to put players only of the same rank as you in game lobby's not players how are higher cause all it causes is rage quits and it's not good for the game either as it stands it's not evenly balanced something needs to be do about this match fixing

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Our team balancing is based on users global kill-death ratio. The numbers next to someone’s name do not indicate skill, just the number of weeks in game. The numbers you refer to don’t actually correspond to “rank”.

While the less experienced players have less equipment/guns to match themselves against other players is true… it only holds true for so long. After the game has been out for X amount of time and everyone has leveled up. Everyone will have the same items unlocked and that will no longer be a factor.


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