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Shotgun super easy kills in MP need to stop, lower its fire rate

The Shotgun is so devastating that it should have a lower fire rate and maybe even be more expensive and have more expensive ammo.

It has the same fire rate as the Semi-Auto Rifle (my personal weapon of choice), which is ridiculous. The Semi-Auto Rifle downs from three shots, the Shotgun downs from a single shot. Even if I have armor and the player using the Shotgun doesn't, I still go down from 2 shots and have no chance. Even teammates standing next to me will go down from the spread.

Please lower the Shotgun's fire rate!

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  • ttattwa commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    After 4 months of playing and enjoying this game. I totally agree with Robbiekilljoy. This is the only thing, really, that makes this game unfair sometimes. The shorty is more than enough for strong close range damage in a "shotgun fashion". The shotgun, specially in survivors where getting parts happens earlier in the game, is a game killer and the only thing that makes me want to stop playing this awesome game sometimes.

    1. It requires no aim at all.
    2. It downs with one shot at close and mid range (where 90% of the kills happen in this game)
    3. It makes the game not about stealth or shooting skill anymore.
    4. It is available at just 3 loadout points.
    5. It can be used together with Covert Training 2/3 (just hide, pop up when someone comes and press both triggers, job done)
    6. It has fast ROF (with no skill or aim or strategy you can down 3 enemies in 3 seconds if you have armour).
    7. It lives you stunned for longer than it takes for the opponent to shoot a second time (if you have armour and you're not already downed)
    8. And the most important of all, their users don't suffer from the stunt that guns like the Enforcer, 9mm., Burst, etc... make in any other player, so basically there's no way to counter attack it in a regular shooting.

    My deaths are caused 70% of the times by some inexpert player with a shotgun who didn't even notice I was there until I started shooting him with my fully upgraded enforcer at a light-speed ROF, but even then, when I deserve the down, they just somehow pop the shotgun out and press one button with no aim at all and I'm down.

    This gun is absurd. Plain simple.

    Whenever I get killed by any other gun of the game (burst, flamethrower, sniper, semi-auto, bow, etc... I feel like I deserve it, like the other guy did better than me, and that's how the game is supposed to feel like.

    A solution for all of these people who think that critizising the shotgun is just a reaction to a bad day against shotgunners, I am ok if they want to play with it: you can have a mode called: "Supply Raid (shotguns allowed)" & "Survivors" (shotguns allowed), the same way that there is a "(no parties)" mode right now. So if you wanna use the Shotgun and go rushing everywhere with no idea or strategy at all and get killed in the same kind of fashion, help yourself in this mode and have fun. For the rest of us who think that this gun makes the game worst in every sense, we can play without it.

    Thanks for the game anyway, it is extraordinary and ND has all my praise. With this comment I just want to add to the quality of it from my humble point of view.

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