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My rank/weeks arent being updated. ive just beaten the first 12 weeks and ranks reads 11*

My rank/weeks arent being updated. im on my second 12 weeks (week 1 day 2) and my rank read 11*

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If you quit out of games or lose connection, in certain cases your week can progress, but not necessarily count a day.

For the most part these are intentional design. If a user earns progress for a mission, we will count the progress, but not necessarily deduct a day towards their mission/weeks. This is to avoid scenarios where a player is accidentally disconnected and loses a day towards a mission. (and potentially their entire clan).

It’s a protection that favors the player, but doesn’t seem like it since it shows you as being behind.

Weeks played has no relevance to skill, or matchmaking so the impact should be minimal.

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