Have you found a bug or issue with The Last of Us Remastered?

I bought all alternate shivs/executions for TLOU remastered but when i go for a shiv/execution my character does the default Shiv/execution

I am a big fan of the last of us remastered and I decided to to buy the alternate shiv, ground shiv, and the alternate special executions. I also bought Fortitude, lone wolf, and lethal efficiency and they work all except for the shivs and executions. so when I go for the shiv /execution my character does the default shiv/ execution. can you please give me advice or help me.

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    If you have not set your default execution style you can through the "Customization" menu from the Factions MP main menu or in the lobby. This is the same area you set your masks, heltmets, etc. You will find the "Executions" options near your "Emblem" configuration. Once in the executions menu you can select to employ the default, new, or both versions of the execution styles.

    As a side note... love the new shiv kill... first time I saw it was unfortunately a stealth killed dealt on me (likely thanks to a team member that insisted on running)... anyway, I thought it was such an improvement that I didn't even care about the shanking... I just exclaimed my appreciation for the blood letting because it was f'n awesome.

    Side note: see that ND replied already... somehow missed it originally... but I'm leaving the post just because of my appreciation for the new slaughter methods.

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