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locking parties

This option was in Uncharted 3 so why isn't it in The Last Of Us? I want to be able to lock my party so no one can join while I'm doing something, I used to do that in Uncharted 3 so I didn't keep 3 other people who just decide to join waiting on me, but I can't do that in The Last of Us, so if I need to use the bathroom or something and someone decides to join they're just sitting there wondering where I'm at. Please give the option to lock the party so I can have the option to not let people in my party.

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    Ok, it's just, I hate kicking people and sometimes I want to play matchmaking with 3 other people, but right when I go to choose a game mode a 5th person joins and I don't wanna kick them out. I'd rather prevent them from joining in the first place when either I'm full, away from my PS4, or just want to play alone.

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