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can we play multiplayer game from a single login, like two players from one console with split screen on the TV

I have a PS4 with "The last of us remastered" multiplayer version. I have two dual shock controllers, how do I start multiplayer game? so that me and my friend can play the game on my TV

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There is no co-op or split screen version of The Last of Us: Remastered. Multiplayer is online only. Your friend will need their own PS4 and version of the game to play Multiplayer with you.

From the Main Menu Select “Factions MP” and log in to PlayStation plus. From there, press triangle, select your friend’s PSN ID, and send your friend a request to join a party. You will then be able to join the same game.


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    Yo c mon, I've waited so long for The Last of Us to be splitscreen. My brother and I want to play so bad

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