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Problem with connection

As of yesterday, whenever I try to login to Factions, a box pops up that says "Please make sure your system is connected to the Internet and that the setting is turned on"

Thinking that maybe I was accidentally disconnected, I went and tested my internt connection. Everything is fully connected by LAN, and I have a dl speed of 20.1 Mbps and an ul speed of 1.8 Mbps.

I tried again, and the sam box is still popping up. I am definitely connected to the Internet. I tried restarting the ps4, as well as my router. Everything else pertaining to the Internet is working on the ps4 and other devices. So what is the deal?

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If you are encountering this issue, it normally indicates a connection problem. Please run an internet connection test and post your region, download, and upload speeds to this thread.

It could be the result of your connection, or the PSN network, but this information will help us in troubleshooting.


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