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Well it's been over a year since you launched this masterpiece and we are grateful that you keep updating the Factions MP (New guns) but my question is: Do you have any plans in creating more maps? What about a new mode other than supply raid, survivors, and interrogation? My idea, and I'm sure everyone is asking, why there are no zombies/infected creatures in the multiplayer? I mean, there will be nice if in a supply raid match after a couple of minutes an infected or two appear in the map. So we will have to fight not only the enemies, but also the infected. We could use the nail bombs to attract the infected to our enemies, etc, etc. Think about it. The game was about surviving in a post apocalyptic world that have good and bad people in it fighting to survive, but it also have Infected creatures. You don't have to make new modes, you just have to add an option where you ask players if they want to play with or without infected people. It can be an option right below the private match option.

Thank You. I just wanted to let you know about this idea I've had for a little while.

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