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New levels, gear equipment, hide-outs

1. Can we make some of the trash bins hide out spots. the idea is that the bins used as hide spots don't have have closed lids, players hiding in the bins don't show on listening modes but glow on radar alert.
2. Molotov shouldn't burn you when being thrown again a wall or nearby target but the fire should still burn you if you walk into it
3. Invisible cloak - visble in listening mode, external silhouette visible against mist, sunlight and not available at night levels.
4. Army Mode level or similar - armor & ammo galore. New army gear, grenades, bullet proof vest, camouflage nets, the works.
5. Escape faction - [Ride It Out Mode] - similar to when you try to run from Escape from the hunters in the normal game mode. The idea is the truck you ride on is slow occasionally breaks down, at that point team members must gather parts from boxes to repair the vehicle. to end the match surviving team members must return to vehicle when no more spawns available for the other team. The journey basically should last a day, playing in different parts of the street till reaching the end of the street - concept!
6. New tools - levels with Kitchen - how about some boiling water, throw with a cup for a stun, throwable knives?

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