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Uncharted 4 online mode without magic and support.

I've seen your developments in online games since Uncharted 2 to the last of us. Uncharted 2 made me an aggressive player, the last of us made a patient, decisive/ aggressive, strategical player. The online modes were great. They shared one thing in common though. player vs player. With the introduction of magic and everything going. It removes a lot of the strategy in the game and makes it very mindless. Also I liked picking up guns. It made it strategical to go to certain places on the map. prediction and knowing when and where to be on the map was important. but removing that really takes away from the online multiplayer. I had an amazing time playing uncharted 4 for the first day and a half, until I realized all its flaws. (also the chintimani stone is OP). the supports are too powerful. I get it you guys want to do something new and completely support that, but you have to realize that fans from the old mode will want to play in uncharted 2's style. Uncharted 2 online > uncharted 3.

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    Also its sort of not fair to Uncharted fans to have a completely new online mode that completely disregards the original style. Also the mechanics in Uncharted 4 are amazing. The fluidity is just awe! man I played an insane amount of hours on Uncharted 2,3 and the last of us online.
    I have to say the last of us has really influenced uncharted 4, which is good. The last of us's goal is to slow things down, while Uncharted is to speed it up as much as possible. Another idea please make it so that everyone has the same types of grenades also, so it's not black ops.... I loved trying to place a bomb just before dying. that was fun. please remake the map SANCTUARY that was the best map in Uncharted 2!

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