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UPstairs, or " back to the neighborhood"

Good evening, or morning, I don't have a problem. Just an idea and didn't know where to put it. I noticed on several of the multiplayer maps, there are couches blocking the upstairs and some rooftops or second floors that you cant get to. especially like on the single player there is the upstairs in the back neighborhood with the gattlin gun? shooting the clickers. could you easily make a multiplayer expansion pack called upstairs or back to the neighbor hood and just open up all those areas. I know that there are a lot of maps that I like more than others and its because of what areas that I can go. roof second floors. which are awesome in themselves. so if this sounds cool. let me know with an email troyrebold@yahoo.com

or text 1-620-440-9219

I have uncharted pre ordered. have a great Monday. work week.

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