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Multiplayer connectivity issue failed missions

This really sucks. Tonight I was on the last of us's multiplayer. I was Week 12, day 6 and had to complete one of the tasks. First "day" I got booted out half way through the match due to dodgy connection, I never managed to get any revives on that match but it still counted as 1 day. 2nd day went fine- no connectivity issues. 3rd day it struggled to find a game and dropped me in half way through. I was unable to complete the mission and it killed 100% of my clan, meaning I had to start from scratch.

I think there should be catches in place to not punish the player for failing a mission if it's no fault of the player. Also, I did actually revive two players, but it didn't seem to count either (team mate with healer 2 jumped in and they got it instead).

What gives? I now need to play 84 matches all over again due to a connectivity fault... Really frustrating and puts me off playing it

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