Have you found a bug or issue with Left Behind stand-alone?

The problem is in the Multiplayer

The problem in Multiplayer! Fix bugs in the game when you are behind cover are not always able to shoot them out of and sometimes because of the shelter you want to shoot in one direction and it shoots totally in a different direction.
When they hang on give, the square button only appears once and never appears.
And what is most infuriating when the enemy jumps with the rope on you, you kind of dodged it, but in the end its a kilometer of me was attracted and he still killed me, as well when you want to throw down ledge on top, you kind of saw the enemy already ran away from the ledge, and you took it and pulled back to the ledge and he killed you.
And make those smarter than bots, and that they're slowing down at times, stand still, do not treat, do not shoot, do not run - hangs, think long
Fix all the bugs, and that really pisses in terms of gameplay.

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