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Gay agenda and cursing like a sailor

I was looking forward to purchasing the new last of us because I loved the first one, but after playing the new stand alone version, I was completely offended by the LGBT scene and the harsh f bomb language, you lost me as a customer permanently. I am so pissed off I want my money back for the stand alone game! Here's my idea if you want me back me back as a customer and others that feel like I do, LEAVE OUT THE LGBT RUBBISH. IT'S BETTER TO STAY NEUTRAL THAN LOSE CUSTOMERS!

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    I disagree, I’m not LGBT but this game is so good, Left behind doesn’t bother me. It’s just the story of the game, it’s like watching a movie or the walking dead! Having different people and different types of people creates an interesting and less bland story! So, Naughty Dog do your thing and make TLOU2 super great!

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