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Ellie's gun doesn't work

I have a serious problem with Left Behind on PS4. In chapter 3 when Ellie is trying to get to the helicopter she finds her first bullets in this DLC. The problem is that I can’t shoot them. Even when I collect more bullets game behaves as if I had no ammo at all. Ellie tries to fire but there is just a sound of an empty magazine. I tried everything - turning PS4 off and on, deleting saves, trying to play from the beginning of every chapter, then finally reinstalling the game. I have all the updates installed. Unfortunately it still looks the same and I can’t go further. I managed to kill some infected without a gun but surely I can’t play it till the end without a working gun. I’m stuck. Does anyone know what can I do? Big thanks in advance, I really want to finish this story.

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    A bit late to this one, but.....

    Ellie's pistol isn't essential to finish Left Behind.

    In fact, one only needs to use her knife to get through the dlc.

    Let me give you a post I did on reddit awhile back: https://redd.it/8odjil (it's a no pickups challenge on grounded).

    You obvioulsy don't need to follow it verbatim, but hopefully the game will correct itself when picking up other weapons further on.

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